6X6 Jet-Vac High Volume Recycler Fleet

The 6X6 Jet-Vac high volume recycler is the most versatile vehicle for off road applications where blockages, sewer cleansing work and de-scaling are required. The 6X6 is equipped with the latest high performance jetting, with 90 gallons per minute continuous jetting at 3000 psi, with suction capability to lift silt and debris from great depths. The 6X6 26 tonne vehicle comes with a 12 function fully remote controlled unit and is fitted with balloon tyres for on/off road situations.

The 6X6 Recycler Ultimate Off Roader is especially developed for carrying out heavy jetting jobs, in which the fully automatic cleaning process ensures continuous recycling of the jetting water. In addition to its primary function as a recycling unit, the 6X6 recycler can also work as a regular sewer cleaning tanker for large and small jobs.

Efficient cleaning of sewer pipes requires significant amounts of water. For the regular sewer cleaning vehicle a high level of water consumption entails much driving back and forth to the work site in connection with water filling. The recycler re-uses the jetting water and requires as a rule only one water filling a day, achieving a significant water saving and considerably less strain on the environment.

6X6 12 Function Remote Off Road Jetting
6X6 On or Off Road

  • Flexibility for on, or off road
  • 11,000 litre (3000 gallon) division tank capacity
  • Faster continuous jetting, with 90 gallons per minute at 3000 psi
  • Continuous water recycling with in-tank filtration and cyclone technology
  • Remote controlled 5” suction boom
  • On site jetting saves unnecessary travelling and resources downtime
  • Remote cassette boom
  • 12 function on/off road remote controlled
  • Remote off-road jetting reel on tracks

3 Aggressive Chain Flails especially for root cutting within various sizes of drains.
To suit all needs (100mm - 1000mm)

  • Heavy sludge & silt
  • Capabilities for deep sewer suction & jetting
  • Comes complete with trained operators, night work lights & CCTV
  • All motorway work undertaken
  • Tree root cutting
  • 1/2", 3/4" and 1 1/4" Jetting hose, to cover any size of job

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