Ultimate Off Road 4x4 Jet-Vac

The ultimate off-road 4x4 high volume Jet Vac, ideal for off-road blockages and sewer cleansing work and de-scaling. This vehicle is complete with high volume jetting and with 3,500 cfm suction it has the capability of lifting silt and debris from great depths. Emergency response service available, this vehicle is ideal for all on-road and off-road applications. Can be used in conjunction with the remote off-road jetting reel to enable accessibility to any restricted access situations.

Ultimate remote off-road jetting reel on tracks.

  • Ideal in many situations eg: rough terrain fields, embankments, narrow footpaths, woodlands etc.
  • Perfect for areas of damage sensitivity eg: golf courses, football pitches, public gardens etc.
  • This machine gives the capacity to jet 200 mts up to 3,000 psi at 90 galls a minute.
  • This can be used with any other Jet Vacs to assist in all applications.

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